$80 - $300

Unique in texture, form and colours our native bouquets are like no other. The distinct foliage, proteas and wildflowers capture the beauty and wildness we love about flora in Australia. Artistically arranged, wrapped, and tied with custom ribbon.

Regular price$150.00

The Empress bouquet pictured is valued at $300, representing the largest size of this style. It best showcases the bouquet's detail and design. Other sizes, like Grande at $150, maintain the Empress style but with a smaller size and potential substitutions for the more premium flowers.

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Dorothea Mackellar’s “My Country” pulls at the heart of every Australian. A poem that says “All you who have not loved her, you wouldn’t understand”. Native bouquets aren’t the roses and tulips of Europe, they’re something arguably more earthy, ancient and beautiful that captures this Sunburnt Country.

Flowers change with the seasons and being a natural product the varieties will differ throughout the year. Our floral artists work with this natural flow and will craft with the colour palette available to create your arrangement in this style.

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