Etheria Copper Turquoise Gold Ring

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The Etheria Ring is a stunning statement piece designed to highlight and showcase the natural beauty of the Copper Turquoise Stone. Held in a claw setting with 6 claws around the stone, the ring also features a split band.

Each stone used in these rings are naturally formed and hand cut. This does mean that no two stones are the same and the inclusions in each piece do vary. 

Copper Turquoise is considered a stone of communication offering understanding and motivation of the wearer. Copper Turquoise is formed by combining turquoise with copper which creates stunning veins of coppery gold on the surface of the stone. 

Also available in Prehnite, Moonstone, Copper Turquoise and both Black and Golden Rutilated Quartz.


  • German Brass Base
  • 18K Gold Plated
  • Stone 1.5cm x 1.3cm
  • Occasional Wear Only

     Please note this ring is german brass based. German brass can oxidise and tarnish quickly so we do recommend customers check the care faqs for german brass pieces prior to purchase. 

    Etheria Copper Turquoise Gold Ring

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