Boyz Love Flowers Too - Fathers Day 2023

Boyz Love Flowers Too - Fathers Day 2023

Who Says Flowers are Just for Women?

When it comes to gift-giving, we often think of flowers as something exclusively for women. But let's break free from those stereotypes and embrace the fact that men love flowers too! That was the inspiration for our 2023 Father's Day creations, a gift for dad that celebrates his love for nature and beauty.

Introducing Our Native Flower Bouquet

For our Father's Day campaign in 2023, we wanted to create something special. We decided to curate a bouquet of native flowers, arranged in a way that exudes masculinity and elegance. These flowers, sourced from Australia and abroad, represent the rugged beauty of our land and the strength of fatherhood.

A Bouquet with a Twist: The Camping Mug Edition

For dads who enjoy the great outdoors, we've taken our native flower bouquet to the next level. We've arranged the same beautiful flowers in a durable enamel camping mug. This unique twist adds a touch of adventure and practicality to the gift, making it perfect for dads who have everything and are hard to buy for.

Meet Josh: The Aussie Dad

In our video campaign, we wanted to capture the essence of the Australian bloke. So, we enlisted Josh, our mate from St Coco Cafe, to be the face of our Father's Day celebration. With his laid-back attitude and love for nature, Josh embodies the spirit of a true Aussie dad who appreciates the beauty of flowers. Plus, look at those curls and that top lip slug!

Coz Boys Love Flowers Too: The Anthem

What better way to celebrate this unique Father's Day campaign than with a catchy tune? We've written the lyrics "coz boys love flowers too" and set them to the music of "Players", by Coi Leray. This classic sound originally created by Grandmaster Flash perfectly captures the essence of our message and adds an extra layer of fun to the celebration.

So, this Father's Day, let's break the mould and show our dads that flowers are not just for women. Surprise them with our native flower bouquet or the camping mug edition, and let them know that their love for nature and beauty is appreciated. Join us in celebrating the joy and quirkiness of fatherhood with coz Boyz Love Flowers Too"!

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