Aglaonema "Lady Valentine" 100mm

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The Aglaonema Lady Valentine with it's green and pinked spattered leaves are seen as a symbol of fortune nicknamed the “Lucky Plant”. An easy-care plant, making it perfect for both beginners and experienced plant enthusiasts. The Lady Valentine has large, lush, and elegantly shaped leaves with a glossy texture

Plant Care Tips:

  • Light:Prefers bright indirect sunlight, but will tolerate lower light levels.
  • Watering: Let soil just dry (not bone dry) between watering watering and adjust watering frequency with the seasons.
  • Fertiliser: Use diluted indoor fertiliser (half-strength) sparingly. Organic matter like seaweed solutions are a good option.
  • Transplanting: Always use fresh soil and transplant during the active growing seasons of spring or summer.

100mm Pot

Aglaonema "Lady Valentine" 100mm

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