Caramel Pecan | Oat Milk Chocolate

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Creamy oat milk chocolate with caramelised crunchy pecans from caramel artisans, Trois Bon! These salted caramel pecans are amazing on their own but when they were covered in Planet Cocoa 44% oat milk chocolate, it was a match made in heaven.

Planet Cocoa chocolates are made from scratch: from from the cocoa bean to formed bar via a traditional stone ground method. Planet Cocoa only use cocoa from ethical and transparent sources. This bar in particular uses Living Koko’s Samoan cacao.

  • Ingredients: 44% oat milk chocolate (Samoan cocoa beans, Peruvian cocoa butter, panela sugar, Australian organic oats, organic coconut milk powder, tapioca), salted caramel pecans (organic pecans, sugar, salt, vanilla, organic cinnamon).
  • Dietry Details: Contains gluten cereals (oats) and nuts. Is Vegan Friendly.
Caramel Pecan | Oat Milk Chocolate
Caramel Pecan | Oat Milk Chocolate

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