Cucumis Vase White (Medium)

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Asymmetrically organic, these ceramic vases are reminiscent of sea cucumbers and curious creatures from the ocean floor, making an unusual focal point for any interior display.

A textural collection that is functional and aesthetically pleasing.  Use hydroponically with plant cuttings or as bud vases to create eye-catching arrangements.  Great as bud vases or for displaying air plants!

Vases have a matt external finish and are fully glazed internally to be watertight.

Chalk White: hand finished exterior with dotted pinstripe etching


  • Medium 8cm Diameter x 12.5cm H (approx)
  • Small 6.8cm Diameter x 7.7cm H (approx)

From the Creator:

"Each timeless hand crafted piece, is designed for longevity of style, quality and sustainability.  All our homewares are made from locally sourced raw materials that are biodegradable and ethically procured. 

All our designs are curated in Australia.  Working with ceramicists in Thailand we have partnered with a manufacturer renowned for their high quality workmanship and for the care and attention to detail they show throughout the whole making process.  This multi-generational, family run business genuinely strives to treat all employees with dignity and respect in a safe and clean work environment.  The makers are paid above award wages and a provided with all the modern amenities such as air-conditioning and fully equiped lunch rooms. Australia has had a long standing, mutually beneficial free trade agreement with Thailand and as an emerging third world nation we are proud to be able to support this community."

Cucumis Vase White (Medium)
Cucumis Vase White (Medium)

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