Monstera Deliciosa 200mm

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The timeless "fruit salad" plant. One of the all-time staples of indoor plant collections. Gorgeous leaves, stunning green and relatively easy care. If you don't have one are you even a plant person?

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Indoor care

Its architectural qualities, ease of cultivation, and tolerance of a wide range of conditions make it an ideal plant for indoor cultivation as well. For this reason it is a popular plant for the home or office. It prefers bright indirect light and temperatures of 20–30 °C. It is usually watered when the soil has slightly dried out (after around one or two weeks). It requires good drainage to thrive. Flowering is rare when grown indoors.

Other uses

The aerial roots have been used as ropes in Peru, and to make baskets in Mexico. In Martinique, the root is used to make a remedy for snakebites. In Mexico, it is used in the relief of arthritis symptoms.


Monstera deliciosa is moderately toxic to both cats and dogs because it contains insoluble calcium oxalate crystals (needle-like). This crystal may cause injury to the mouth, tongue, and digestive tract. It also causes dermatitis by direct contact with cat and dog skin.


Monstera Deliciosa 200mm

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