Roasted Nibs | Oat Milk Chocolate 40%

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Oat milk chocolate block with pops of crunchy roasted cocoa nibs. 

What are cocoa nibs? They are the inner part of the cocoa bean - the crucial part that we require to make chocolate! Full of antioxidants, cocoa nibs are considered to be a superfood rich in nutrients and fibre. Their flavour is comparable to coffee beans but with rich cocoa notes for after all, they are cocoa nibs! Pair roasted cocoa nibs with our stoneground oat milk chocolate and you have yourself a guilt-free chocolate block.

Our chocolates are made from scratch: from bean to bar, to more. We only use cocoa from ethical and transparent sources like Living Koko’s Samoan cacao.

Roasted Nibs | Oat Milk Chocolate 40%

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