Toy Wooden Boat with Passengers - Hobie

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All aboard little 'Hobie' for an amazing sailing trip filled with fun and adventure! These beautifully handmade wooden sailing boats from Pislik are loved by boys and girls, young and old and are ideal for encouraging and nurturing imaginative play...

Hobie's hull is handcrafted from one piece of wood and is perfectly balanced in water, both with and without the wooden figures. These stunning toys make a lovely gift that will be treasured for many years to come. Their design and impressive craftsmanship are unmatched, with each piece of wood taking almost three years to prepare, to ensure it is of the highest quality and utmost durability and strength. Each boat comes with two handmade wooden figures/passengers.

Measurements: L: 22cm W: 9.7cm H: 25cm

  • Simple and timeless design
  • An heirloom piece to be kept and cherished
  • Designed and handmade in Czech Republic by a specialised team of artists, architects and engineers
  • Eco friendly and made from sustainably sourced wood

Material: Mast: Beechwood, Sail: Canvas, Body: Linden Wood

*The wooden figures are recommended for 3 years + and are not suitable for children who have a tendency to place objects in their mouths.

Toy Wooden Boat with Passengers - Hobie
Toy Wooden Boat with Passengers - Hobie

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