Herkimer Diamond Silver Ring

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Our Herkimer Diamond ring features a natural unique Herkimer Quartz Diamond set in a bezel setting with ToniMay's signature ball detailing on the band. Due to the nature of the raw Herkimer Diamonds each ring and stone is different and no two are the same. 

Herkimer Diamonds are the most powerful of all quartz crystals and have a distinct and harmonious energy. They are a stone for healing and focus. 

The Herkimer Diamond is a stunning natural terminated quartz. The Herkimer Quartz is in it's rawest form and uncut, unpolished and untreated which does mean each stone is incredibly unique and will feature inclusions and variations to that in the product image. Inclusions in the quartz can appear like cracks and shards both within and on the surface of the stone as well as darker black markings or flecks throughout the stone which are mineral deposits caused when the stone initially formed. 


  • Sterling Silver .925 band
  • Natural Herkimer Quartz Diamond
  • Also available in gold version
Herkimer Diamond Silver Ring
Herkimer Diamond Silver Ring

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